Has your family outgrown your living space, but you love your neighbourhood? If so, a custom addition to your home may be a great option.

As with renovations, a home addition often involves the kitchen. Larger, open kitchens that tie into great rooms are popular entertaining areas. An addition can feature some of the items on your wish list that your home currently does not have – vaulted ceilings, large windows, fireplace, heated floors, and the list goes on.

Mudrooms are also popular additions which can help to keep the busy areas of your home organized. Adding benches, closets, lockers and a laundry area all help with keeping this room clean and clutter free.

With our experience with home additions, we can advise you on what is possible and what is not given your current layout, structure and yard space. Our subtrades will be involved from the start as an addition will affect the capacity of your current mechanical systems.